Internet Hosting

Hands-Off, Worry-Free Web and Email Hosting

Most hosting companies simply “turn on” your server and expect you to set it up and administer it yourself. They do not solve problems with your web site pages and certainly will not make any text/content changes for you. They are simply providing space on a remote computer for you to administer by yourself.

Meantime, you are busy building your business and don’t have time to administer your web site and emails – and hiring an in-house IT person is out of the question. Our hosting solution for small business is a complete solution that gets your web site up and running and email accounts configured and tested. In other words, we do it all for you!

What We Do

  1. Turn on your server. (most hosting companies stop here)
  2. Assign your company an account executive who provides personalized attention via phone and email.
  3. Configure your domain name to point to the new server. (We will also help you register a domain name.)
  4. Upload your web site to the server and test its operation.
  5. Repair any problems with your website. (up to 5 pages and 1 email form)
  6. Set up, configure and test ALL of your email accounts, including configuration of email forwards, SPAM blocking, auto-responders, etc. We will also talk you through setting up your local email software, such as Outlook, and make sure that you can send and receive emails.
  7. Provide toll-free tech support 24/7/365. You pick up the phone and talk to a technician at the data center right away.
  8. Provide business hours (M-F 9:00a – 5:00p MST) telephone consultation. We want to talk to you and are always available to help.
  9. Perform ongoing text/content changes on request.
  10. Respond to your emails and phone calls right away.

Considering Cheap Hosting for your Small Business?

"Cheap" hosting companies cannot give your small business personalized service, since they are running a “numbers game” and hosting millions of domains with a limited staff. We’re different. Avante is also a small business. We appreciate every single customer we have. We pride ourselves on superior service and support. We really care (and get excited) about the success of your small business. That is the essence of our business – to help yours and other growing businesses succeed.

Other hosting companies do not offer this sort of personalized service. They expect you to do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.