Internet Development

Web Site Development

The process of Web Site Development brings together all the functions necessary to create your web site and make certain that it will reach its targeted Internet audience:

The Avante Development Process

  • 1 Define Audience & Objectives
  • 2 Define Strategy
  • 3 Fully Develop Graphics & Content
  • 4 Test Usability
  • 5 Production and Programming
  • 6 Internet Marketing

Define Audience & Objectives

Listen to the client and ask questions to define objectives, identify the nature of the target audience, and understand the competitive challenges the web site will face in the internet marketplace.

Define Strategy

Define the strategies the web site will use to connect with the target audience. Ask questions and brainstorm with our clients to find the most intriguing ways to communicate their company's core values.

Fully Develop Graphics & Content

Design the web site’s pages in a way that will connect with the target audience: This includes creating the visual graphic design, writing the text for each page, and designing the site’s physical architecture, or navigation plan.

Test Usability

Test usability by asking key questions like these: Will the visuals and message connect with a targeted visitor within 5 seconds? Is the content brief and informative enough to scan for key words? Is the navigation obvious at first glance?


Production of all pages within the site and comprehensive testing in multiple browsers on both PC and MAC, while insuring validation of XHTML with W3C.

Internet Marketing

Through analysis, search-engine optimization, and link building, achieve the high ranking that the web site requires in order to be visible to the targeted audience when they search on the web.